Pinecone Business Entity Management
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How does Pinecone BEM work?

Business Entity Management (BEM) from Pinecone is a streamlined and secure entity management system. It enables you to streamline entity management and their regulatory needs, so you can provide the right info to the right stakeholders at the right time. Furthermore, it provides you an enterprise-wide single source of truth, thus makes the management of business entity data more efficient, secure and accurate. Make better business decisions, backed by data you trust, with BEM from Pinecone.

Features of Pinecone BEM


Easy-to-use web-based and streamline business entity management system, with intuitive management processes and user experiences. By streamlining and centralizing entity governance, you can turn best practices into standard operating procedure.


Safeguard your data by controlling who has access & what they can do. Add users to your organization by sending invites to them. Fine-tune access levels by granting users the permissions to read or modify certain data.


Never miss a deadline again. With the notifications service of the system, you can set up reminders for your important work, thus be sure that your work will be completed on time. Eliminate the risk of noncompliance and the growing threat of fines and regulatory censure altogether. 

What’s really going on

The screenshots here provide you some insight into Pinecone BEM, helping you understanding how the system work and how it can help your business to boost efficiency, strengthen security and enhance accuracy..

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